BAFU on Twitter: "Oder fahren Sie mit dem @PostAuto in den Schweizer Park Ihrer Wahl... #kleineweltwunder #schweizerpärke…" Ombudsmans office recognised by the Federal Department of Finance in accordance with article 74 ff. FinSA

Neutral mediator

Voluntary, out-of-court procedures for resolving disputes have proven themselves in practice many times over.
The ombudsman of the ombuds office for financial service providers is neutral. He can provide competent information and act as an independent mediator in disputes.
Expensive, time-consuming legal proceedings, which often take years, can thus be avoided.
You are a financial customer and have an inquiry?
You are a financial service provider and want to register?
Do you still have questions about the prices?

The ombuds office for financial service providers is a neutral and cost-effective information and mediation centre.

The association is backed by industry organizations for which quality in financial advice has always been an important concern.

Roland Gassmann has been ombudsman since January 2020. He is supported in his work by a team of multilingual lawyers.

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    Callback service

    Callback service

    Callback service
    Do you have any questions or need advice? We will gladly call you back. Just send us your telephone number and the preferred time of call. This free service is available from Monday to Friday.




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