For customers of financial service providers

Authorisation form
Is needed in case the ombudsman contacts your financial service provider.

Scale of contributions and costs
Please note in particular page 2 Fees for parties to proceedings.

For Financial Service Providers

Articles of Association
You can download the association statutes here.

Scale of Contributions and Costs
All fees are regulated in this document.

Sanctions and Arbitration Rules
This document regulates the sanctions system of the Financial Services Ombudsman Association (OFD) and is binding for financial service providers.

Organization Regulations
This document regulates the requirements for the affiliation and exclusion of financial service providers and industry organisations. It also regulates the activities of the board of directors and its cooperation with other organs of the association. The principles for the activities of the ombudsman, the administrative office and the arbitration boards are also regulated.

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    Callback service
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